Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Announcing the Standing Up to MSNBC Campaign

Keith Olbermann has gone too far. It's one thing to make fun of political leaders. It's often noble, or at least right, to criticize them. But making up lies about army officers, trashing those who risked their lives for our country

Without the sacrifices of those who placed their lives on the line, fools like Olbermann would find themselves persecuted. And as true blowhards, you can be sure that they would do nothing about it. Yet Olbermann has the unmitigated gall to continue to spew his divisive filth at individuals who have done nothing other than serve this country well.

It is the duty of decent people to oppose blatant untrue and personal attacks on current and past members of the armed forces whose sole sin against Olbermann was to express an opinion he disagreed with, never mind that it was they who risked their lives for the right to express their views.

After the election, should MSNBC continue to air these tasteless attacks that do nothing other than to infuse divisiveness and lower morale, we will continue to expose his, we will continue to call Olbermann to the carpet each time he launches into one of his all to often vicious attacks on a member of our military.

Until the election, every month we will choose one candidate to support, preferably a candidate who has been unfairly trashed by Olbermann.

Our purpose is clear. To send a message that the obscene rants, attacks on our veterans, divisiveness and hatemongering that Olbermann has come to symbolize will not be tolerated and that the silent majority will react as is proper and as is necessary.

I have never before launched a concerted effort against anyone. In fact, I'd much rather spend my time on other more positive activities. But Olbermann's despicable and outrageous attacks on individual veterans has gone to far, as has his divisiveness and attacks on all who don't conform to his views.

With this in mind, I urge you to send a clear message to Olberman: ACTIVELY SUPPORT THE CANDIDATES THAT HE DISPARAGES THE MOST.


This month's candidate embodies the reason for this effort.

Lt. Col. Allen West, candidate for Congress in FL-22, is a true war hero. When he refused to conduct an interview with al-Jazeera, Olbermann pounced on him and designated him as the "Worst Person in World." This coming from a loud mouthed jerk who would be shut down in any other country. Are we supposed to just sit back and watch while he trashes this noble soldier and hero?


More about Allen West can be found at Lifting Up the House – If There’s One Race Republicans Should Focus On, It’s This One.

Olbermann's actions were disgraceful and we have a moral obligation to support this fine candidate.


Go to our candidate of the month's website and make a donation of any amount today (suggested minimum is $10, or $5 in cases of hardship).

This month's candidate, Lt. Col. Allen West, can be supported by going to www.AllenWestforCongress.com and clicking on the tab titled "Contribute." Or go directly to Lt. Col. West's donation page at

Then just send us your receipt or confirmation (email to UnitedAgainstOlbermann@yahoo.com) and for no extra charge, become an official member of our grassroots movement today!

Once again, this effort is not affiliated with or even supported by any one campaign, including the featured campaigns of the month.

We are simply doing what needs to be done.

THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE ANY AMOUNT TO OUR CANDIDATE OF THE MONTH and forward their receipt or confirmation to UnitedAgainstOlbermann@yahoo.com will become official members of United Against Olbermann and will be invited to join our members only yahoogroup with weekly updates on reuniting America on our common values.

United Against Olbermann does not take any money and is not endorsed or supported by any candidate or campaign. Our primary purpose until election day is to link to the donation page of a different candidate each month who embodies the cause of uniting America and to encourage support for our "Candidate of the Month."


Liz R. said...

What a pile of horseshit. Nice ruse; collect money for your "cause" and spend it on what? Your "I need a vacation" fund?

Can I start a campaign to collect money to stand up to you and your stupid non-cause?

Yomin Postelnik said...

Thank you dear lib. Obviously, since I'm not collecting anything but am simply pointing to a campaign's site, which is again, not my campaign, your argument falls apart.

But of course you knew that. Anything to deflect from the truth - I see that's the ultra leftist motto.

Liz R. said...

A basket weaver? You really are a simp. I'll never let you in on the "ultra-leftist" handshake or our secret motto. You would actually have to pull that stick out of your butt to join us. No chance of that I see.